Home from home for your best friend

Our dog kennels are set in quiet and calm Cheshire countryside in the village of Daresbury. This not only makes for a safe and stress-free environment for your dog or puppy but also is very convenient for residents of nearby Moore, Sandymoor, Norton, Runcorn and indeed Warrington.

Our luxury accommodation consists of spacious and regularly cleaned kennels, equipped with a covered exercise area and an indoor bedroom, all of which contain individual beds and comfortable dog-duvets.

Each pen has its own radiator and is insulated, so whether it’s a bitter, wintery day or a cold summer’s night, we do not hesitate to ensure the heating is on and your pet is warm and comfortable. We can also provide even bigger, double sized units for dogs from the same family home, so that they are not split up when away from home.

Our own grounds are large and ideal for a good, daily walk with your pet; we also spend time playing with the dogs and have an open but secure doggy play area with toys, where they can “let their hair down”.

We are animal lovers with an excellent reputation for care, attention and personal service – treating every dog as an individual guest; just one reason we have so many dogs coming back to visit year after year.

Summary of Kennel Services

  • Luxury, fully licensed, spacious dog kennels for all breeds of dogs
  • Double sized units are available to keep dogs from the same family together
  • Regular cleaning routine
  • Individual heating installed in all kennel pens and is not restricted to just winter
  • Each pen has an indoor bedroom and dog-duvet provided
  • Long exercise “run” area
  • Dogs are exercised out of their kennels, three times a day, including daily dog walking
  • Separate and safe play area with toys
  • Regular inspections
  • Owners are welcome to bring their dog’s usual diet if preferred
  • We care for special needs – tell us what you dog or puppy needs
  • Medication can be administered
  • Transport to vets provided
  • Overnight, weekend and long term stays are all possible