Simply the best all-round Cat Care service

Our cattery, located in Daresbury, Cheshire boasts a comfortable yet stimulating environment for your cat or kitten; each spacious pen has a scratching post and different levels to explore. Should you have two cats or kittens to board, the pens can comfortably accommodate both. We provide cat baskets, bedding, toys and treats – as well as cat litter and food. Fresh water is always available.

Each unit has its own radiator which provides heat in the winter, but should there be cold days at other times of the year, we will turn the radiators on without hesitation.

Safety and cleanliness are of paramount importance to us hence all pens are kept impeccably clean and hygienic and the cattery is regularly inspected by a fully licensed vet.

Our aim is to ensure complete peace of mind for you and a fun, comfortable and safe stay for your cat; to that end we look after each pet as if he or she was our own pet.

Summary of Cattery Services

  • Fully licensed Cattery for cats and kittens
  • Luxury and spacious cat accommodation with individual pen heating provided
  • Comfortable, cosy and clean, multi-level environment
  • Cat baskets, bedding, scratching posts, toy, treats, cat litter, food and water all included
  • Regular inspections
  • Owners can of course provide their cat’s usual diet if preferred
  • We care for special needs – tell us what you cat or kitten needs
  • Medication can be administered
  • Transport to vets provided
  • Overnight, weekend and long term stays are all possible